User guide

GB7FR is connected to the BrandMeister, DMR+(Phoenix),  XLX Network and TGIF networks.

Usage is as follows:

Time Slot 1

TG9:Local  Not linked elsewhere Рbut please consider using 23510 instead)

TG23510: South-East on Brandmeister – Linked on several South-East repeaters and also available to other repeaters and hotspots via talkgroup or reflector. Use this to chat to people in the South-East region.

TG6: XLX reflectors. Defaults to XLX950 module E. You may connect to to any valid XLX reflector listed here. To connect an XLX reflector, place a private call to 68xxx, where XLX is the reflector number. For example, 68950 would connect to XLX950. To connect to the 26 modules, you dial the number corresponding to the letter of the module like this: 64001 dials Module A, 64002 Module B etc. To hear the current connected module and reflector dial 65000. To disconnect dial 64000. XLX950 E will be reconnected after 10 minutes of no activity on RF.

All other TGs on slot 1 – TGIF network ( All of these are User activated, for TG777 to activate scan.

Time slot 2

TG9: Brandmeister reflectors. By default, the repeater is connected to reflector 4400 (UK wide). You can change reflector by making a brief private call to the reflector number you require (for example, 4407 etc). The system will then send a voice announcement to TG9, notifying you what reflector you are now using. A private call to “5000” will replay this announcement. A call to “4000” will unlink from all reflectors. This is usually done using the “manual dial” facility on your radio. Feel free to move the reflector elsewhere. After a period of inactivity, the repeater will automatically move back to 4400.

TG8: DMR+ (Phoenix) reflectors. You can connect and disconnect in the same way as Brandmeister, except you prefix all commands with 8, so 4000 becomes 84000. This defaults to reflector 4400, which is mapped to Phoenix talkgroup 235 (UK Wide). Further information on Phoenix mapping can be found here.

Private calls and dynamic talkgroups on the Brandmeister network can also be used on this timeslot.

Echo Test

A private call to 9990 on slot 2 will play back your audio over the repeater on TG9. You should also receive an SMS telling you your Bit Error Rate (BER), if your radio is correctly configured for SMS.

User-activated talkgroups

On either timeslot, if you transmit to a talkgroup, it will become active on that slot. Slot 1 is TGIF network, slot 2 is BrandMeister network.