User guide

GB7FR is connected to the BrandMeister network.

NB: User-activated talk-groups require a two second transmission to activate which protects the system from accidental “kerchunks”.

Usage is as follows:

Either slot:

You can use any talkgroup you like on the Brandmeister network on either slot. Only one talkgroup per slot will be active at a time. User-activated groups stay active for 10 minutes and during this time, they have exclusive use of the slot unless another TG is activated.

Time Slot 1 – Static groups

TG 9: LocalĀ  Not linked elsewhere. By convention, TG 9 is used for local chat, however please consider using 23510 instead which is regional.

TG23510: South-East on Brandmeister – Linked on several South-East repeaters and also available to other repeaters and hotspots via talkgroup or reflector. Use this to chat to people in the South-East region.

Time slot 2 – static groups

TG2350: Routed to Brandmeister TG2350 – UK Wide.

TG9: Linked to the Dynamic Talk Group system. A short Private call to any talk group number will link that talk group to TG9 on slot 2 for 10 minutes and silence all other TGs on the slot.