MMDVM Firmware update and general news.

Today I have upgraded the MMDVM firmware and host software to the latest version. Comments or reports appreciated.

Usage on FR has been pretty light, but that’s to be expected this time of year. I was away for almost three weeks and I guess others have been out enjoying the sun too.

I will, however, be monitoring Slot 1 TG9 over the next few days and also when possible next week, which will be an interesting test as I’ll be on the Isle of Wight.


There has been a little of of confusion about talkgroups today. For the avoidance of doubt, FR only carries two talkgroups:

  • Timeslot 1 TG9 (South Coast 9 regional network)
  • Timeslot 2 TG9 (Brandmeister reflector system)

If you require a purely local QSO, please send a private call to 4000 on TS2 and this will unlink the reflectors from the repeater, allowing local communication. 4400 will be re-connected aftet 15 minutes in inactivity.

South Coast 9

It is my pleasure to announce South Coast 9.

South Coast 9 (AKA Sierra Charlie 9 or SC-9) is a group linking TS1 TG9 on South Coast repeaters to provide wide-area coverage along the A27 corridor.

Current participants are:

  • GB7BH (Brighton)
  • GB7FR (Ferring)
  • GB7PK (Portsmouth)

SC-9 is an rf access only network, so there is intentionally no corresponding reflector or provision for DMR dongle access.

SC-9 only has one rule; be considerate to your fellow operators. There is no specific etiquette or restrictions other than general good and considerate operating procedure. SC-9 is free from the “band police” and you are welcome to QSO as your normally would. SC-9 is not simply a calling channel.  If you want to join in with an existing QSO or If you need to place a call, a simple “break” and polite request should be all that’s needed.