November update

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes recently. Enhancements include:

  • Repeater dashboard (see sidebar link)
  • Talkgroup ReWrite (see user guide)
  • Slot 1 also supporting TG23510, rewritten to TG9 (see user guide)
  • Purchased some RG214 to upgrade the radio <-> duplexer links, to minimise possible de-sense from stray RF.
  • SMS service – repeater is able to send welcome messages, send you your current BER etc. (More on this soon, in the mean time, please see user guide).

I am also interested in getting some feedback on some points of discussion:

  1. Should FR go true multi-mode? Note, I don’t have radios for other modes at present, so this would require input from other stations to monitor the repeater in other modes, either by loan equipment or by users listening and reporting back to me if any issues are seen.
  2. GB7FR social meet – I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, probably at The Henty in Ferring. Are you interested?

Feedback welcome.


73 Simon

MMDVM Firmware update and general news.

Today I have upgraded the MMDVM firmware and host software to the latest version. Comments or reports appreciated.

Usage on FR has been pretty light, but that’s to be expected this time of year. I was away for almost three weeks and I guess others have been out enjoying the sun too.

I will, however, be monitoring Slot 1 TG9 over the next few days and also when possible next week, which will be an interesting test as I’ll be on the Isle of Wight.


Good afternoon,

Many of you have been using FR, which is great. All seems to be working well.

I was going to move then aerial today, but I find on looking that the anchor bolts I have bought need a 14mm drill bit and the largest I have is 10mm. I’m not sure if I’ll get the the shop on time today, so I think this job will be put off until tomorrow.

A couple of you have reported oddities where you were able to get in with low power and not it takes slightly more. I’m not sure that this is a problem, it might just be the trees growing or some other effect, but just to be safe, when I take the aerial down to move it, I will unscrew the fibreglass tube, check the connections and make sure it’s not taken on any water. These co-linear antennas are pretty simple, so there can’t be too much that can go wrong.

73 for now – Simon G7RZU

South Coast 9

It is my pleasure to announce South Coast 9.

South Coast 9 (AKA Sierra Charlie 9 or SC-9) is a group linking TS1 TG9 on South Coast repeaters to provide wide-area coverage along the A27 corridor.

Current participants are:

  • GB7BH (Brighton)
  • GB7FR (Ferring)
  • GB7PK (Portsmouth)

SC-9 is an rf access only network, so there is intentionally no corresponding reflector or provision for DMR dongle access.

SC-9 only has one rule; be considerate to your fellow operators. There is no specific etiquette or restrictions other than general good and considerate operating procedure. SC-9 is free from the “band police” and you are welcome to QSO as your normally would. SC-9 is not simply a calling channel.  If you want to join in with an existing QSO or If you need to place a call, a simple “break” and polite request should be all that’s needed.

MMDVM and radio testing results

Today saw the arrival of the MMDVM and Arduino from Bruce in Canada.

Andy has the TX and RX setup and on soak test. So far there have been excellent results with the Motorola GM350 radios.

So now, I have a couple of tasks to complete:

  • Make patch cables
  • Do a Linux / MMDVMHost build for the RPi.
  • Borrow a ladder and move the antenna to it’s final spot (It’s 1.5m low at the moment)