Repeater Details

Output: 439.5000
Input: 430.5000
Colour Code: 4
TX Power: 13.9 dBW ERP
Antenna: Tram 1480 @ 8 dBi gain
RX and TX: Motorola GM350s
Repeater controller: MMDVM (ZUM), Arduino DUE, Raspberry Pi, MMDVMHost software.


Timeslot 1 TG9: South Coast 9 regional group
Timeslot 2 TG9: BrandMeister reflector system.

Private Calls (TS2):

9990 – Echo(parrot) test. (slot 2)
5000 – Show reflector status (slot 2, voice prompt returns on TG9)
4000 – Disconnect reflector (slot1)
23510 – Permanently routed to TG9 slot1 (connect via brief private call to 23510 or reply during the CallHang period)
any other number – connect to that reflector (slot2, traffic is then routed via TG9)