Talk Group Rewrite disabled.

I have today disabled rewrite on FR because some changes made to support more advanced DMR features (embedded GPS etc) are incompatible with it and I want FR to be fully functional in this respect.

Everything else is as normal.

Please note also, TG23150 (aka reflector 4411) is enabled as a static TG, as a trial, on TS1. This is the South East group and if also enabled on other South East repeaters, will allow true roaming between repeaters in the group.

The link to BH on TG9 TS1 also still exists and can be used for the same purpose between these two boxes.

GB7PK was removed from BrandMeister so we no longer have a link to PK.

Twitter Feed

Something I forgot to mention in my last post:

As well as SMS, the repeater now publishes it’s RF heard contacts via Twitter as the ID @GB7FRfeed. Also, when the system is finished, you will be able to add friends you want to watch and it will notify you via a mention in a twitter post, via email or DMR sms.

November update

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes recently. Enhancements include:

  • Repeater dashboard (see sidebar link)
  • Talkgroup ReWrite (see user guide)
  • Slot 1 also supporting TG23510, rewritten to TG9 (see user guide)
  • Purchased some RG214 to upgrade the radio <-> duplexer links, to minimise possible de-sense from stray RF.
  • SMS service – repeater is able to send welcome messages, send you your current BER etc. (More on this soon, in the mean time, please see user guide).

I am also interested in getting some feedback on some points of discussion:

  1. Should FR go true multi-mode? Note, I don’t have radios for other modes at present, so this would require input from other stations to monitor the repeater in other modes, either by loan equipment or by users listening and reporting back to me if any issues are seen.
  2. GB7FR social meet – I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, probably at The Henty in Ferring. Are you interested?

Feedback welcome.


73 Simon


During JOTA this weekend, FR will default to the JOTA reflector on TS2 TG9. Please support the Scouts and make some contacts.

Of course, you are free to move the repeater to another reflector if you wish.

New feature – TG Rewrite

I have today enabled a new feature on FR – TG Rewrite. I coded this for MMDVM to try and provide talk-group access whilst avoiding the slot-contention problem. It is currently enabled on slot 2.

Details below – from the readme file:

Talk-Group Rewrite was conceived as a way of making talk-groups behave more
like the reflector system and of attempting to solve the problem of “slot
contention”,where the user may be locked out of a slot by traffic on a
talk-group they know nothing about, without knowing why. This is frustrating to
users, both those new to DMR and seasoned DMR users.

TG Rewrite, when enabled for a slot, rewrites the DST ID of incoming talkgroup
traffic to TG9, alowing audio to be heard by any user monitoring TG9 on that
slot. If the user then replies on TG9, as long as they key-up during the
CallHang period, the DST ID (TG) is again rewritten on the outbound traffic,
which transparently maps back to the originating talkgroup.

To use a User Activated talk-group, briefly key-up on that talk-group to
activate it, then switch back to TG9 and talk as normal. If the CallHang period
expires, you may need to activate the talk-group again by keying up on that
talkgroup briefly, as before.

It is useful to set the CallHang parameter to a generous amount. I am currently
using seven seconds.

Two boolean configuration options control the TG Rewrite feature:


ACL’s are applied before the rewrite, so still apply to rewritten traffic on source talk-group.

MMDVM Firmware update and general news.

Today I have upgraded the MMDVM firmware and host software to the latest version. Comments or reports appreciated.

Usage on FR has been pretty light, but that’s to be expected this time of year. I was away for almost three weeks and I guess others have been out enjoying the sun too.

I will, however, be monitoring Slot 1 TG9 over the next few days and also when possible next week, which will be an interesting test as I’ll be on the Isle of Wight.