All we need now is radios…

Yesterday I ordered the duplexer and the GSM switch (for remote shutdown).

We have reached the stage that all we require to get on the air are the TX and RX radios and a few bits of cable and connectors. I am estimating a cost of about £200 for two used Motorola PMR radios that are data capable.

If anyone has anything suitable, or wants to contribute to getting something that is, all help is appreciated.

GB7FR Update 13/04/2016

Andy G3UEU has been doing some great work in testing and setting up the RPi 2 with his spare DV modem. (Thanks Andy!) He say’s it is ready to go as soon as we have radios. He is also going to loan his spare DV modem for the repeater until the one I have ordered turns up.

Today, I have ordered a 6-cavity duplexer, pre tuned for the repeater’s frequencies, and the GSM power plug for remote shutdown.

We are getting there!

Repeater construction

In order to build a working repeater, the following equipment is required:

  • MMDVM board (on back order)
  • Arduino DUE (on back order with MMDVM board)
  • Rapsberry Pi 2 (Andy G3UEU has kindly offered one of these for repeater use)
  • Antenna (already have a Tram 1480 Colinear)
  • Power supply (Already have this)
  • GSM power switch for remote shutdown (going to order this)
  • TX and RX (I have been in discussions with G7TXU – Tony and G3UEQ – Andy about this)
  • Internet connection (I have 80/20 FTTC service with a block of IPv4 and IPv6 IPs already)
  • Duplexer (not yet acquired)

As can be seen above, help has kindly been offered by some local stations.