As you are well aware times are difficult at the moment with the current COVID-19 virus outbreak. Due to this, I have made the decision to change UK wide traffic back to the reflector system on TG9 slot2 for the forseeable future. This is because many of you have radios programmed for this system and although I had intended to arrange a meetup to resolve this, I don’t think this is advisable in the next few weeks.

Amatuer radio is varied community and many hams are in vulnerable groups. At a time like this, we need to support each other so I will be making an effort to maintain a listening watch on TG23510 and I encourage others to do the same. If you need help or support, if you are ill and don’t know what to do, or if you just fancy a chat, please ask. We should all support each other at this time. I am looking to arrange a daily informal check-in so we can collectively keep an eye on members of our community and respond effectively if someone needs help. This may become more important as Internet and mobile phone networks are already showing signs of strain from increased load.

Please keep in touch and stay safe and well.




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