Talkgroups and reflectors

Hi everyone.

I want to re-visit the TG vs Reflectors discussion again.

Recently, BM 4400 has been pretty dead. I’ve actually seen much more traffic on DMR+ (Phoenix) of late. In fact, I was operating Phoenix on a long drive recently and I was struck by how much easier it is to operate with TGs when mobile. I am also beginning to find 4400 rather boring and tend to listen more to 4426 (BM Allstar Hubnet link).

Now, on BM it’s getting frustrating. The only TGs I can get via reflectors are UK local ones. Most of the international ones are TG only. It’s annoying having to maintain two systems, especially when the BM devs are pretty vocal about their dislike for reflectors. I am told that their days are numbered. I have noticed a big increase in UK stations that are using TGs in preference to reflectors.

For the record, I think there are problems with the TG method that don’t have any sensible solution.  I also have less control over things like UA group timeouts. It’s harder for the casual listener to hear what’s going on. However, I feel like we are getting sidelined more and more in the UK because of the reflector thing.

So, is it time to switch to TGs on FR? This would make for a much more consistent experience, especially when running two networks on the the repeater.

If I made the switch it would look something like this (subject to change or suggestions).

235 Phoenix UK wide calling channel – slot 2

80, 81, 82, 83 – Phoenix UA chat TGs – slot 1

92 – BM Europe – slot1

6 – XLX reflectors – slot 1

2350 – BM UK wide – slot 2 (Although I am tempted to drop this, possibly in favour of Hubnet)

23510 – BM SE – slot 1

Private calls, all UA on BM slot 1 and 2