Multiple networks


I have a new and exciting feature to announce. Jonathan, G4KLX has written a new piece of software that allows the connection of more than one DMR network at once, so as of today, FR is connected to Brandmeister, DMR+ (and by extension Phoenix) and XLX. Note, this is still experimental so some of these options might change. Feedback appreciated.


Slot 1

  • TG23510 – South East
  • TG 9 – Regional link – FR, PK, BH
  • TG 8 – XLX reflectors

Slot 2

  • TG 9 – Brandmeister reflectors – default 4400
  • TG 8 – DMR+ reflectors – linked to Phoenix

Using XLX

XLX implements 26 lettered reflectors, A-Z. These can be connected by making a private call to IDs 4001-4026 on slot 1. I am told most DMR activity is on 4005. These reflectors are cross-mode, so you can speak to others on D-Star, YSF etc. To disconnect, use 4000. To get status, use 5000. This is basically the same as BM/DMR+ reflectors.

A list of XLX reflectors is here:

Using BrandMeister reflectors:

This works exactly as before, so you can continue to use the system as you already do.

Using DMR+ reflectors

All DMR+ reflector activity will be transmitted on TG8. To connect, you prefix all commands with an 8. (Similar to using a phone in an office; dial 8 DMR+ “line”!)

So, for example, a private all to 84400 connects you to DMR+ reflector 4400 / Phoenix TG 235 UK Wide.

A list of DMR+ reflectors is here:


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