FR back on air.

It is my pleasure to announce that FR has been on-air since this morning.

One of the GM350 units had developed an intermittent fault, believed to be in or around the AF IC, which provides AF processing for both TX and RX audio paths. Fault-finding proved frustrating!

Andy, G3UEQ assisted with the kind offer of a GM900 unit, but I couldn’t get it to programme. Paul G7KBR then kindly posted me a GM350 4ch unit, which I was able to programme and is now acting as the RX for GB7FR.

As always, setting up the TX deviation was a bit of a fiddle as I don’t seem to have any luck with the theoretically correct deviation, as tuned using an RTL SDR. The signal was received fine on my MD380 and PD365 but not on my MD650, which is extremely fussy when it comes to TX deviation. However, a slight tweak allowed the MD650 to receive the repeater and now all seems to be working well.

Reports are welcome, especially from owners of radios from manufacturers other than Hytera and Tytera.


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