Good afternoon,

Many of you have been using FR, which is great. All seems to be working well.

I was going to move then aerial today, but I find on looking that the anchor bolts I have bought need a 14mm drill bit and the largest I have is 10mm. I’m not sure if I’ll get the the shop on time today, so I think this job will be put off until tomorrow.

A couple of you have reported oddities where you were able to get in with low power and not it takes slightly more. I’m not sure that this is a problem, it might just be the trees growing or some other effect, but just to be safe, when I take the aerial down to move it, I will unscrew the fibreglass tube, check the connections and make sure it’s not taken on any water. These co-linear antennas are pretty simple, so there can’t be too much that can go wrong.

73 for now – Simon G7RZU

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  1. Various factors, height of aerial, disparity between repeater TX power/ERP and if people using walkie talkies, this could explain differential, the threshold on digital before clear audio is higher than analogue FM. As an approximation with a bungalow with aerial at 5M, square that times approximate horizon = approx 4 miles with w/t assuming clear horizon, buildings etc reduce this. This I repeat, is a very loose approximation.

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