South Coast 9

It is my pleasure to announce South Coast 9.

South Coast 9 (AKA Sierra Charlie 9 or SC-9) is a group linking TS1 TG9 on South Coast repeaters to provide wide-area coverage along the A27 corridor.

Current participants are:

  • GB7BH (Brighton)
  • GB7FR (Ferring)
  • GB7PK (Portsmouth)

SC-9 is an rf access only network, so there is intentionally no corresponding reflector or provision for DMR dongle access.

SC-9 only has one rule; be considerate to your fellow operators. There is no specific etiquette or restrictions other than general good and considerate operating procedure. SC-9 is free from the “band police” and you are welcome to QSO as your normally would. SC-9 is not simply a calling channel.  If you want to join in with an existing QSO or If you need to place a call, a simple “break” and polite request should be all that’s needed.

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