Repeater construction

In order to build a working repeater, the following equipment is required:

  • MMDVM board (on back order)
  • Arduino DUE (on back order with MMDVM board)
  • Rapsberry Pi 2 (Andy G3UEU has kindly offered one of these for repeater use)
  • Antenna (already have a Tram 1480 Colinear)
  • Power supply (Already have this)
  • GSM power switch for remote shutdown (going to order this)
  • TX and RX (I have been in discussions with G7TXU – Tony and G3UEQ – Andy about this)
  • Internet connection (I have 80/20 FTTC service with a block of IPv4 and IPv6 IPs already)
  • Duplexer (not yet acquired)

As can be seen above, help has kindly been offered by some local stations.

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